D&R Contracting's History

D&R Contracting started as an idea in the late 1980’s when one of the Founders saw a need for Quality and Accountability within the Construction Industry when dealing with Residential Customers.  Following recognition by several associated contractors and at the urge of colleagues, D&R Contracting soon made the jump to continue providing Construction and Maintenance related services, but to the Industrial Sector, in addition to focusing and providing the same ethics. 

That transition transpired in 1995, and since, D&R Contracting has now grown into a company of mass proportions, going from under 5 professionals in their roster to over 15 full-time employees at any one given time, with an endless roster of supporting cast members at their discretion to fulfill any project requirements.  Along with this comes an entire Partner list and Client Directory of some of the largest and premier companies in the Country.

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